Friday, August 27, 2010


Here I am!  I have some downtime in Bakau *and* the power's on, so here come a schlew of posts -- or as many stories as I can manage before I run out of time and/or power.  Pictures will have to wait, perhaps until I get to Senegal (3 weeks?).

I have been in Bakau for the past week, learning Wolof, rejecting marriage proposals, and finding my African rhythm.  The city has been great.  I've hung out with locals, eaten a pair of meals in the Jallow family compound, and found the ex-pat community.  I met a pair of Torontonian lawyers at the baggage carousel in Banjul.  They're here teaching at the law school for nine months, and will be great Canadian company whenever I return to the city.  For now, I am eager to head up country and experience rural Africa.  Leanne, another REAP intern who has already been here for six weeks or so, is meeting me later this afternoon and we're heading to Njawara together tomorrow.  Then, over the next three weeks, I anticipate two weeks worth of village stays and another week of language lessons, but things could change at any time.

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