Friday, August 27, 2010

Bakau Banter

Man: Do you have a husband?  (In Wolof)
Me: Yes, I have a husband.  (In Wolof)
Man: Where is he?
Me: He's in Canada.
Man: In Canada?
Me: Yes.
Man: So he's not here.
Me: No.  Actually, I have four husbands in Canada.
(Fits of laughter from the women nearby.)
Man: But they're not here?
Me: No, they're not here.
Man: So you need a Gambian husband!
Me: I know.  I have four of those too.  Four Canadian husbands and four Gambian husbands.  Eight husbands!
Man: Four Gambian husbands?
Me: Yes.  Four.
Man: I'll be your fifth.
Me: No, I'm only allowed to have four Gambian husbands.
Man: That's true.  Then minus one and add me.
Me: I don't know if I can do that.  I'll have to ask my husbands.
Man: But they'll say no!
Me: You're right.  And Gambian women must obey their husbands.
Man: It's true.  And they'll say no!  So don't ask them.  Just minus one and add me!
Me: We will see.  I'll have to talk to them...  Mangee dem.

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