Friday, August 27, 2010

Bakau Banter #2

On Wednesday, I made a second attempt at going to the beach.  (I'll post about my first attempt shortly.)  This time, I was planning to meet my French neighbours at the beach, so I was hoping for a relatively calm trip.  Again, I greeted everyone in Wolof as I walked down the street.  A young man (about my age?) on a bicycle heard this, and came over to me.

Man: You are a Gambian woman!
Me: (laugh)
Man: You speak Wolof!
Me: Waaw, mangee goorgoorlu ndanka ndanka.  (Yes, I am struggling slowly slowly.)
Man: You are learning my mother tongue.  That is good.

We chat for a while.

Craft Vendor: Hey Sista!  Come into my shop!  I have nice things!
Man: (To the vendor) Don't bother.  She is a Wolof woman.

And he rides away.

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