Saturday, August 6, 2011

Take Two

4 :00 PM CMT, 05 August 2011

And so my Sénégalese adventure begins, again.

I’ve returned to West Africa, to the land of teranga (hospitality), the smiling coast, and my favourite Wolof-speaking countries.  By now, I think most of my friends and family knew that I was planning another trip.  If you didn’t already know  – surprise!  I’m back!

After three flights, a long layover in New York, not enough sleep, and over 30 hours of travel, I arrived at the Leopold Senghor airport around 6:00 this morning.  I received my tenth Sénégalese entrance stamp, was met by the caretaker of my apartment, and arrived home.

Fast forward ten hours and pretty much all I’ve done is slept!  Perhaps not the best plan to get me adjusted to Sénégalese time, but I’ll get used to both the time change and the heat, ndanka ndanka.

And now, I’m off to have a shower, buy phone credit, and connect with the world.  I’ll spend the rest of the day unpacking and puttering, I think, and shall begin my adventures tomorrow!

Love, Eileen

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